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Barncancerfonden – #topsaförlivet – Narva

300 children are afflicted by cancer every year in Sweden, one third have leukaemia. For the most seriously affected, a stem cell transplant is vital. The Tobias Registry is then contacted to match donors with the right DNA.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund initiated a collaboration with the Tobias Registry to communicate how simple it is to register as a donor. Because more are needed and the fact is that today one in three patients do not have a suitable donor.


Narva’s commission was to produce a campaign to emphasise the importance of expanding the stem cell register. More potential donors means that more lives can be saved. We identified influential people and decision makers as a central target group. Our challenge was to get the target groups to understand that a simple swab inside the cheek is all that it takes to register as a donor.

We developed the concept for the campaign, #TopsaFörLivet, with the focus on our own and earned channels, as well as physical meetings. Almedalen week was identified as an arena with good potential to reach out and create distribution in earned channels. The #TopsaFörLivet concept permeated all communication: Logo, mobile swabbing station, information material and registration process (which consisted of being swabbed).

For Almedalen week, when politicians and journalists gather, media and influential people were canvassed in order to build expectation and get key individuals to be swabbed and help to spread the message about #TopsaFörLivet in their own channels. The mobile swabbing station was placed in strategically selected locations to maximise visibility.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund reported live on the campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #TopsaFörLivet and published pictures and updates about decision makers who participated in the initiative.


The campaign aroused a lot of curiosity and contributed to more people registering. Hundreds of people contributed DNA samples on site. Thousands ordered the swabbing kit online for delivery to their homes. #TopsaFörLivet contributed a total of 3,750 new registrations for the Tobias Registry. After a few months the first match was made with a person who was swabbed in Visby.

Trade media wrote about the campaign and the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation’s presenters were swabbed on live TV. The campaign generated 10,577 likes, over 9,000 shares and 131 comments on social media.

The campaign was also nominated as ”Hottest in Almedalen” for its refreshing way of communicating. The campaign was also awarded bronze in the Grand Prize for PR 2017.

#TopsaFörLivet. You too!