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Norges sjömatråd – Skrei 360 – Narva

The Norwegian fishing industry’s marketing body – the Norwegian Seafood Council – needed to communicate the story of Skrei cod in a new and interesting way. Skrei is Norwegian cod at its best and is caught between January and April. An important part of the commission was to increase the preference for the Norwegian origin and communicate that skrei comes from the world’s most sustainable stocks of cod.


To convey the natural conditions for fishing in cold, clear seas and simultaneously tell the unique story of Skrei, Narva created a documentary film in VR/360.

A simple VR headset and a pair of headphones enable viewers to follow the fishing at close quarters and almost feel the deck swaying beneath their feet. During the virtual trip, you can see how skrei fishing is performed and experience the feeling of being out on the cold and clear sea. The fisherman brothers Kurt and Trond show the route from the fishing shed, out to sea and into the reception centre where the skrei is sorted and quality labelled before being shipped around the world.

Narva is behind the idea and concept development, design and production of a toolkit which is the basis for a global launch. The film was produced in collaboration with IVAR Stockholm and has been rolled out in a total of ten markets.

“We have created this experience in order to show in a new and interesting way how fishing is conducted and why skrei is a sustainable delicacy throughout the world. The 360 film takes our target group out to sea where they can experience fishing themselves.”

Line Kjelstrup
Director Sweden of the Norwegian Seafood Council


Using new technology, Narva took the traditional narrative to a completely new level. With a 360 film, target groups from ten different countries have experienced the fishing as if they were on site in Northern Norway. After just over one month on YouTube, the Swedish version of the film had some 70,000 viewings.

The film can be found here (and put on your VR glasses).

Norges sjömatråd – Fiska skrei i VR – Narva

Norges sjömatråd - Fiska skrei i VR