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How to demonstrate the benefit of an advanced digital service before it is brought to market?

The telecom company Doro presented SmartCare by Doro during the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. A smart care solution which links the home to the cloud. It establishes new possibilities for relatives to care for their elderly. SmartCare by Doro is an important element in the company’s new business strategy and a change in its offering, which now also includes smart care solutions aimed at senior citizens, relatives and carers.

Narva was assigned to produce a European communication strategy and a concept film to clearly and simply describe the benefit and value of the new service.

Doro has long experience of developing mobile phones adapted to the needs of the elderly. A European communication strategy was produced to increase awareness of the new business strategy and the wider offer. The new strategy was launched in connection with the introduction of SmartCare by Doro, with the aim of positioning Doro as thought leader within technological solutions for the elderly.

Narva created a European press kit based on the insight that there is an aging population and that the number of people working is decreasing compared to the amount of care recipients. This means that care for the elderly requires new methods and digital solutions in order to ensure security and well-being among both senior citizens and their relatives. Using knowledge of megatrends and behaviour among the users, SmartCare by Doro was communicated successfully to the markets.

The benefit of SmartCare was demonstrated in a concept film which shows the advanced ecosystem of sensors, units and AI which link the home to the cloud. It enables relatives to obtain information in real time about accidents or other incidents in the home. Simple graphic elements and illustrations are used in an attractive way to show the value of SmartCare by Doro.