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The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Narva proud bronze medallists in the Grand Prize for PR 2017

Yesterday evening Narva and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation won a bronze in the Grand prize for PR with the campaign #TopsaFörlivet (#SwabForlife) which was conducted in collaboration with the Tobias Registry.

The campaign was activated during Almedal Week 2016 with the aim of recruiting more stem cell donors in order to increase the chance of survival for seriously ill children and adults. #TopsaFörLivet resulted in a total of 3,750 potential new donors. In September 2016 the first match was made with a person who was swabbed in Visby.

The jury’s justification read:
A beneficial purpose, a narrowly defined problem and a major ambition to save lives, required a pointed strategy to more intimately involve the powers that be. The solution is not original, but it is sensible, effective and results-oriented. The campaign combines creative, traditional and new PR tools with a well-reasoned strategy and a smart choice of location. The results saved one life directly, but informed thousands of how simple it can be to give child cancer sufferers the opportunity to have a long, new life