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Narva wins global competition with Healthcare Pod

Narva’s concept, “The Healthcare Pod – the hunt for equal care” has won a new lobbying award, which EAPC will be presenting in connection with the association’s annual conference, which takes place in Brussels. Annika Sundström and Cesar Vargas Iglesias will be in attendance.

As a healthcare partner, Roche wants to discuss the challenges healthcare is facing. Based on this challenge, Narva formulated an innovative concept which included a podcast with people in positions of power. “The Healthcare Pod – the hunt for equal care” was launched in autumn 2016

In a series of personal conversations, two policy managers – Björn Arvidsson and Jonas Edström – discuss challenges and solutions together with eight of Sweden’s most important opinion formers within healthcare.

The Pod is absorbing. It has attracted attention in editorials and in social media. Furthermore, the Pod came in fourth place in its category when the Swedish Podcast Awards were presented in 2016.

The Healthcare Pod’s second season kicked off during the spring with Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Public Health, Healthcare and Sports.

About the Polaris Awards
Polaris Awards is a new competition that highlights successful political and lobbying campaigns. The initiator is the European Association for Political Consultants (EAPC), an association for political consultants, campaign managers and PR- and PA-experts from 34 countries. The name refers to the Pole Star, which has guided humanity for thousands of years with its light. The Healthcare Pod is the winner in the category which relates to Radio Campaigns for actors other than political candidates and parties.