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Narva and Novartis winner in SABRE Awards

Narva and Novartis won gold in the Community Relations category of the SABRE Awards competition. The project was one of five finalists in the category, and it constituted a totally new sphere for strengthening patients’ rights and influence within health and medical care.

The SABRE Awards is one of the largest, most prestigious international PR and communication competitions. In fierce competition with many others, the patient parliament project draws attention to innovative methods for engaging various stakeholders within society.

Novartis delighted about entering the finals
Sofie Fors, patient relations manager at Novartis, said: “With this project, patients are in focus, and the agenda is set from patients’ perspectives. This is important because we know that involved, well-informed patients enable safer, better, more efficacious medical care. We’re incredibly happy to partner with patient organizations.

Neuro on creating a platform
“It’s fantastic to get together with other patient organizations to create a platform from which we can seriously put forth patient rights issues. Seeing this initiative get attention is very rewarding,” said Lise Lidbäck, president of Neuro, one of the participating patient organizations.

About the patient parliament project
The patient parliament project switches perspectives and creates something that never existed: a forum in which patients own the agenda and the problem statement. Stakeholders within care systems are invited to listen – not to speak. The first patient parliament session was held in May 2019; the next is scheduled for autumn 2020.

Via the project, Swedish patient organizations gather in a joint forum to formulate proposals and requirements that are presented to decision makers.

The project’s goal is to strengthen patients’ positions and increase their opportunities to influence and contribute. Regardless of diagnosis, many patients face similar challenges and problems.

With Novartis, these organizations are behind the project: Neuro, the Swedish National Heart Association, the Asthma and Allergy Association, the Headache Association and the Leukemia Foundation.