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Bris is putting children’s rights issues on the agenda during the election year of 2018. With mental illness increasing among children and young people, and society becoming ever more polarised, we need to mobilise.

Children are a particularly vulnerable group for the simple reason that they are children. They do not have the same opportunities to make their voice heard, as they do not have voting rights. It is therefore absolutely crucial that we adults get organised and together defend children’s rights.

Bris is therefore focused on involving volunteers who are passionate about making society better for children.

In time for the election, Bris developed eight requirements for a better childhood. The requirements were presented in an election manifesto. Volunteers were provided with a leaflet to be handed out in public places.

”I hope that the election manifesto will be a tool used by everyone who wants to contribute to decisions which lead to a better society for children.”

Magnus Jägerskog
Secretary General of Bris

The election manifesto was designed by Narva, highlighting the feeling of solidarity and hope for the future. The requirements were presented with an exclamation mark as a symbol to emphasise that living conditions for children and young people in Sweden need to change. The headlines were produces with a handwritten feeling, making the message more personal.

The election manifesto is a practical tool which should contribute to change towards a society which does more to promote children’s mental health. It will make the 2018 general election an election for a better childhood. Because all children are entitled to a good start in life.